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Reverend Virginia offers private reading and/or spiritual healing sessions by appointment.  

These can occur either in-person, phone, or by internet. Click on the "Mediumship and Intuitive Readings" link. or

216-398-7743 (or) 216-375-9466  to arrange an appointment.  

Reverend Virginia Elizabeth Collins
Spirit Name: Listens-to-Wind
Virginia ~ lover of life ... here and there-after.

“Joyful Servant of God”, Virginia is Spirit-led in ministering, teaching, healing, leading & facilitating, spiritual counseling, Mediumship & channeling .  Virginia integrates her spiritual life and studies, as well as her keen intuitive gifts, with all and whom she involves with.  She exuberates excellent and empathetic communication skills with those in both the physical world and the spiritual realm.

Virginia is an ordained Spiritualist minister, licensed for officiating ceremonies.  She brings with this ordination, certification as a Metaphysician.  Virginia has had an extensive and varying career serving the so-called “at-risk” population of children, youth, and adults, as well experience as with developmental disabilities and autism.  She continues full-time employment with Akron Public Schools as an intervention specialist with "at-risk" teens.   She is blessed with gifts of musical talent, skills, and abilities. 

Virginia received her ministerial/metaphysician training and education through Fellowships of the Spirit, School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy in Lily Dale, New York .  She received two Master’s degrees: Educational Supervision and Music Education.  Permanent certificates in education are in Special Education – inclusive of all categories and music/piano instruction.  Undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate studies were with Notre Dame College , Baldwin Wallace College , Cleveland State University , and Kent State University.  Within the next year, she has intentions of pursuing a Doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology and World Religions.

Virginia is a certified  yoga instructor, registered with the Yoga Alliance.  Virginia also has certificates for Non-Violent Crisis Intervention and NVC (Nonviolent Communication).

Following are some of the many things that Virginia has either/and-or initiated, facilitated and coordinated:

  • Founder of Circle of Inner Light Spiritualist Church;

  • Women's Circle of Light (11th year);

  • Women's annual retreat at Lakeside, Ohio (11th year);

  • Children & Youth Ministry Director (10 years with a Unity Church);

  • Teen curriculum development and instructing - Unity Spiritual Center

  • Teen anger management groups;

  • Teen circles;

  • Prayer & Healing Circle;

  • Shamanic drumming & meditation;

  • Shamanic animal totem study;

  • Charitable contribution activities;

  • 12-Step programs;

  • Equinox/Solstice ceremonies;

  • Spiritual book review/discussion circles;

  • Self-help/Spiritual classes of various topics (i.e. health & fitness program , Chakra study, meditation techniques, Artist's Way, Vein of Gold, art & music therapy, Metaphysical studies, Intuition Development, etc.)

  • Retreats;

  • Music programs;

  • Drum & Rhythm Connect Circle;

  • Piano/Music Instruction;

  • Native American study (Medicine Wheel, Sweat/Moon Lodge, Vision Quest included).

  • Certified Yoga Instructor (currently holding weekly sessions for adults and kids.                                                                             

Virginia always emanates centeredness, peace, and joy in all that she does.  She is unconditionally loving and accepting of all living beings.  She recognizes that she has been, is, and will continue to be blessed by Spirit.  It is her calling to share her love of Spirit with one and all!  It is her prayer that all can experience Spirit's love, even if for a fleeting bliss-filled minute.