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Lover of Life ~ Teacher-for-Life ~ Contemporary Medicine Woman

I believe within every living being there is an ETERNAL INNER LIGHT which the Great Mystery placed in all of Creation. My personal life-quest, no matter where I am or with whom, is to guide others to embody their Sacred Essence.

Day-to-day life for me consists of working in both the visible realms of form and the invisible realms of Spirit. The progression of my spiritual journey of this life has well-prepared me to listen to the calling of Spirit, be it in my personal life or my professional career.  My life is rich and full!  A passion of mine is to share expertise and knowledge I contain in variety of ways to teach others how they too, can live their lives rich and full. Being a “teacher-for-life” means that I have the privilege of experiencing a never-ending interactive dance between teaching, learning and growing ~ for which I am so-very blessed!

For thirty-three years and still going strong, my professional career has been that of a teacher, counselor, case manager and behavior intervention specialist with what society has labeled “troubled and troubling youth” - (aka: “at risk population”). Enhancing this segment of my life and my life overall, are experiences and trainings with Shamans, Native American tribes and Elders, and Mediums/Intuitives. In early summer of 2011, I traveled to the Sacred Valley (Cuzco), Peru. No question about it; I will be returning many times.  I became impregnated with a profound love, honor and respect for these peoples and their land; most specifically with the Q’eros (peoples living in the most remote area of the Peruvian Andes) and the shamans. Since my return home to the United States from that first journey there, I have been studying and training with Shamans of the Andean area.  

In June 1999 I founded the Women’s Circle of Light. Prior to founding this circle and ever-continuing, is my commitment to the spiritual development and loving support of women in community.  Some of the ways in which I am able to accomplish this is though planning and facilitating retreats, ceremony circles, gatherings and teaching/guiding classes and sessions, and establishing branch-out circles. One such branch-out circle is the Women’s Prayer & Healing Circle.  Another example is holding and facilitating Women’s Drum Circles.  A strong vision I hold is that through honoring and strengthening the spirit of women, our world will someday come into balance of both the feminine and masculine energies . . . and perhaps there will be more peace and harmony among all.

For those who appreciate a knowing of credentials I share the following:  I am an ordained, licensed Spiritualist minister and certified metaphysician through Fellowships of the Spirit, Lily Dale, NY.  I accomplished a Master’s Degree in the career-field of education: educational supervision, special education, and music education.  I am a  certified yoga and piano/keyboard teacher. I teach both yoga and piano weekly in addition to my daily professional career.

In times of unscheduled responsibilities, activities or events, you might find me reading, playing the piano, continuing advancement with the languages  of Spanish, Arabic, and Quechua, writing (two books in progress), loving my family and extended family (including five cats and a beloved husband), communing with nature and the animals, gardening, cooking and baking, or . . . the list is endless! “Hanging out” with Spirit is my ever-present ultimate favorite!

My personal empowerment message to all who are reading this . . . No matter WHO you are, WHERE you are on our Mother Earth, YOU are a DIVINE of the HOLY BELOVED.  YOU ARE RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ON YOUR OWN SPIRITUAL JOURNEY.  We are all on a spiritual journey.  May you always “grow” your spiritual journey towards the INFINITE LIGHT of LOVE . . . within you heart space.  May you forever-more honor your DIVINE SELF.

My ultimate ever-present prayer is that all living entities can co-exist in a world of non-violence.

Circle of Inner Light
Cleveland, Ohio